How to Hire a Web Developer: Platforms, Prices and Tips

How to Hire a Web Developer: Platforms, Prices and Tips

Before going to the real meat of this blog, let us check the technical implications first of a web developer. Error checking is an important aptitude test required to problem solve such as reviewing lines of code. The first three tests involve core programming skills needed to build websites. There are plenty of assessments to choose from when hiring a web developer. Technology and aptitude tests make it easier to shortlist candidates during the early stages of the recruitment process.

Modern websites are so much more than a simple collection of well-designed web pages. Functionality is now a key differentiator and is crucial to converting visitors into customers. Having built several websites myself, I pushed back on the developers to see how firmly they would hold to their quote.

how do I hire a good web developer

The number one reason why startups need a website is that they need to have a better presence on the internet. To ensure a better presence of your web product, you will need to have a robust SEO strategy in place. Without an effective SEO strategy, you will have a hard time getting visitors to your website. The professional web developers will have the knowledge required to build SEO friendly websites.

Differences between Front-End, Back-End, and Full-Stack Developers

Estimating how much a website project is going to cost is one of the hardest steps. The price depends on many factors – the skill and experience level of the developer, the size of the project, where the developer is based, the type of job portal you used to find them, and more. However, freelancers present their work on Dribbble and you can get in touch with them via the platform if you like what they do. Finally, when looking for a web developer, the question is whether to work with a freelancer or hire somebody full-time. Meaning, they can get into your site and edit files to make changes or create an entire site from scratch. They also work with code editors and other development-related tools.

In this definitive guide, we’ll cover everything there’s to know about hiring a professional web developer for your project. You’ll learn the differences between web and app developers, front- and back-end developers, things to look for in developers’ CVs and pitfalls to avoid. By the end of the article, we’ll estimate how much money you need to allocate for developing a sample project and look at some of the best places to find pre-vetted screened freelance developers. You can choose between the fixed price project or the hourly-based payments. Upwork is great for projects with a limited budget as you can post a job and hire a web developer having only $10 to spare.

how do I hire a good web developer

Now, remember, this is a very crucial step for your project. The more detailed your job offer is, the higher are chances you will get the best developer for it. The developers who look into the job post should understand what exactly you expect from them. Tell them about the project scope, the dates, the outcome you want to get, and pretty much everything else.

I’m going to go back there and buy something.” But it has to get through the “know me, like me, trust me” before you can pass me your money, whatever it is. Say, I have a book, or I have a sweater I want to sell – then you don’t need WooCommerce, you don’t need Shopify – you don’t need anything else. Essentially, you could use a PayPal button that you get from PayPal put on, and that would work. Or you have three things you want to sell, and you could use gravity forms or something like that to let people buy this one thing. When someone mentions remote work, most people, first of all, think of the freedom and numerous benefits it gives. — Establish a project timeframe and be prepared for changes or extensions.

Important Details to Include

Of course, it will also scare off some people but it wouldn’t have worked out with them anyway. Background information — Introduce yourself, your company, and your brand. State your business goals as well as the target group you are catering to.

This is why it’s extremely important to think through your project before you start, write down the project management process, and consider who will manage your developer. So certainly consider a full-stack developer if it’s a simple project you’re looking how to hire a web developer to build. However, if it’s anything complex, don’t fall into a trap of thinking that one developer will be able to deliver on everything your project needs. Some designers specialize in different design elements, such as typography or illustration.

  • Using their test scores, you can gain valuable insight into each individual’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • The best way to find a web developer is by choosing from the huge pools of talent online.
  • Small business owners who oversee a growing team know that one task that can disrupt workflow and hurt morale is managing employee time-off requests.
  • A good website positively represents your business to prospective customers, and plays a key role in giving them the confidence to purchase your products or services.

That is why having a reliable and available developer at all times is such an essential part of your business. Soft skills, on the other hand, are way more subjective and interpersonal. A perfect example of a soft skill for a web developer is creativity. You can’t measure that but it’s still important because the developer’s creative way of thinking can put the whole project to another level from a business perspective.

How to hire a web developer?

Clutch is arguably the most popular B2B directory focusing on agencies that deliver web and mobile development services as well as advertising, marketing, and more. It offers a comprehensive overview of the chosen agency including a relevant portfolio, a bunch of verified reviews, pricing, contact info, and the company’s expertise. Such an approach may be intimidating for freelancers but it is highly beneficial for an employer as you get a highly skilled pro every time. All you need to find a web developer via Toptal is an initial $500 deposit and further invoices are sent twice a month.

how do I hire a good web developer

They understand that the internet changes quickly, and they’re always looking for ways to improve their skills and keep up with those changes. 4) A good web developer understands that there are many moving parts to a website. They don’t just focus on aesthetics; they make sure that everything works together as well as it looks. 3) A good web developer is honest and upfront about their work.

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There are more than 1,000 IT companies, meanwhile, the total number of local startups goes beyond 2,000. Besides, more than 100 global players have their research & development offices in Ukraine, including such top rated companies as Oracle, Upwork, ABBYY, and Ubisoft. Ukraine is the primary country where you need to search for an experienced web developer for hire. It is the first state in the entire Europe that makes the most contribution to science and technology beyond its own borders.

This can also be on their own website in the form of screenshots or even code snippets. Easy to use and comes with a lot of tools like time tracking and automatic payments for achieved milestones. Depending on your needs, you might have to hire two or three people (graphic designer, front-end developer, back-end developer) to implement your website or the changes you need.

Online Training

This is because if other team members cannot approach a developer and ask about an issue, then there are chances that the issue might have a major negative impact on the project. The back-end is the part of the web application that works behind the scenes. The back-end developers are more concerned with technicalities like the speed and performance of the website or web application. Front-end is that part of the web application that your users will see.

They should be able to tell you why their solution is the best one for your needs and how it will help your business grow. Once you’ve answered these questions, decide how long it will take for your new website and how much money it will cost. The ideal candidate— State both the level of expertise you are looking for as well as other characteristics that are important for you. Project summary — What’s the bird’s eye view of the project? It also means that you need to be thorough in your project proposal and communication.

Researching a Good Web Developer

There are only three simple steps you need to complete to get the developer of your dreams hired. These two are markup languages used mainly for the design of the website. Web developers use them to create your website’s style (a.k.a. fonts, layouts, colours, and so on). It is hard to understand how to hire a web developer without background knowledge in development. To have a general understanding of what to expect from your potential web developer, we will list some of the basics all web developers should know.

How much does it Cost to Hire a Web Developer?

If you don’t have a website yet, you’re free to hire from a wide range of developers and have them suggest what technology to use for the site. On the other hand if you’re already got a site, you’ll have to hire a developer familiar with your tech. A web developer should be creative, innovative, methodical and analytical in their approach to building websites or web applications. For example, there are logical steps to approaching a website build or debugging an error. If you can find a solo developer that shares your design interests, then that will usually be a preferable choice over an agency.

But it’s not only about the visuals and the client’s behavioral psychology. There still are some things you can not do yourself unless you’re a web developer. Complex solution development will definitely require professional help. And by complex, we don’t mean a top-secret project for the space engineering industry. Consider hiring a web developer if you’d like to launch an e-commerce website or app, any enterprise software, a platform that will have more than a couple of static pages.

Back end developers are more technical than front end developers. They focus on the information and logic that make up the back end of a website. The back end is the part of the website that visitors don’t see. It’s where all of the data that makes up the site is stored and organized. Front end developers produce the code for a website – like HTML, CSS, or JavaScript – so that users can view and interact with the website easily.